Fantastic Fiction Stories

My Man Tolkien

To start off, there are many kinds of fantasy books. When starting to read this genre of “fantasy” there are certain historical authors that you should look for. One of these authors is my man J.R.R Tolkien, who has written books like The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Similarion. When thinking of classic Fantasy it all starts off here.

Recently The Lord of the Rings was mad into three very good movies. Though these movies are great and I recommend everyone watch them in there extended versions, there are just so many things that are missing in the movies that are in the books that are just fantastic. For example all the songs are missing, lots of scenes are simply missing.

The Hobbit is currently being made into the movie too. The book is a great book for all ages. It is about a Hobbit who gets thrown into a grand adventure with a group dwarves who are trying to take back their homeland from a giant dragon and along the way run into all sorts of  goblins, trolls, giant eagles and more.


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