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From book to screen: Dead Until Dawn

Many authors dream to get there novels turned to film. Some of these movies or television shows are great and some not so great. One book that got it was the transformation from Dead Until Dawn to the HBO television show True Blood.

Dead Until Dawn is a book written by Charlaine Harris About vampires who live in public society after synthetic blood has been created. This book and the following books follow the character of Sookie Stackhouse in the 1st person and her interaction with vampires around her small town in Louisiana. Sookie is special herself and can read the minds of other people. The book Dead Until Dark is overall a good book with good characters and a nice plot.

Now True Blood is an amazing show with fantastic writing and makes its viewers want more. From Dead Until Dawn to True Blood season one there is not much difference besides it does not just follow Sookie.

If you read the book first and then watch the show you will find out that some of the characters are much more explored and may not even be in the book, but the characters do show up in the later books.

there are three seasons of true blood out now and ten books out and i have read three books so far. I personally like the HBO show much more then the books and usually I enjoy the show a lot better because of the character development is much more extensive and broad unlike the book when it is basically all about Sookie.


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