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A good Dragon book for all ages

Eragon is book that are put under the “young adult” section.  But I believe that this book should be for everyone. If you like dragons, elves, and dwarves then these are three books for you.

Eragon has been well criticized because the plot may seem kind of like a Star Wars film in the beginning but whatever; the antagonist is not the protagonist’s father. The Inheritance series is written by Christopher Paolini and follows our main protagonist Eragon, a young man who inherits a dragon egg that hatches and becomes bonded with Eragon. The dragon is blue and her name is Saphira. Eragon world is living in tyranny by the evil ruler Galbatorix and his dragon. Eragon learns of a rebel group and joins them after his village is nearly destroyed and taken over by the empire. Though out the book we, the reader, learn and watch Eragon’s bond with Saphira, learn to fight, and use magic. By the end of the 1st book Eragon makes a friend in a suspicious character named Murtugh who may become an enemy, find a group of civilization of dwarves and met an elf name Arya who will forever change Eragon.

I really enjoyed this book it really leaves you wanting more and there is more. Eldest is the next book that goes into more with the rebellion and a plot twist at the end. Then after Eldest there is Brisingr, which is the third book, which throws you into two main plot lines that meet up at the end, and you get to explore the world in which the elves live in.

There is also a movie that was made for Eragon in 2006 that was pretty much horrible and barely relating to the book. I would recommend seeing the movie before reading the book if you want to see the movie ever.

thanks to for photograph of Saphira.


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