Fantastic Fiction Stories

The Orc King

The Orc King by R.A Salvatore is a very interesting book. This is very far into the Drizzt book series; this is like book 16 out of like 20 that are out.  However anyone could read this and follow the general story. Some of the parts may be kind of difficult to understand, but it is just sub-plot. 

The main plot takes place where the last book left off which is basically tens of thousands of orcs have taken over the land around Mithral Hall where Drizzt and friends live. The war has taken a stalemate stance and the Orc King Obould wants to take over the land and start a kingdom but every other orc wants to keep assaulting Mithral Hall and the woods where the elves live. This story touches on many of the concepts that all of the Drizzt stories touch on, which is good and evil and all the gray that falls in between. Drizzt himself is a drow which in this world is all evil but Drizzt doesnt fit into that stereotypical drow culture. In this book orcs are know as bloodthirsty raging creatures of war. Obould has dominated the land surrounding the Dwarves but knows if he continues the conquest he will never succeed and gain anything permanent or substantial.

The ending of this book is very different and shows a lot about how war changes things and cultures adapt. Just like all other R.A Salvatore books the fighting description is amazing. Drizzt is put into fighting situations you could never think of him coming out alive but the writing and the surprise of what Salvatore does is simply genius.


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