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The Name Of The Wind

A newer book, came out in 2007 is the first book written by Patrick Rothfuss. A very large book, that keeps you wanting to read more. The story is a about a man named Kvothe, not sure how to pronounce it but in the book its said similar to quothe. I say (que-oohh-tee) others say it with the ‘th’ sound, I think my way sounds cooler because that is exactly what this character is!

Now you may be wondering why all this detail on just his name, well thats what this book has is a lot about….names, hence the title The Name Of the Wind. The Story is also all about Story telling. There are different Narratives throughout the book. One is the author, which is the present tense. The other is when Kvothe is telling his past to a man that finds him hiding out in a small town as an Inn Keeper. That is what most of the book is on, Kvothe starts telling his life story from childhood up until the present but we do not get that far in this book, which means there will be more! Within Kvothe’s story he tells us stories that he learned growing up and I have a feeling these stories have a lot of foreshadowing and clues onto what is going to happen and Kvothe’s main ambition (which I will not spoil for you).

Kvothe is a very smart and analytical guy at a very young age and in this book we get to see him grow up in this book. He gives off a sense of rebellion and confidence and is not afraid to stand up to his elders.

This book has realism in it but does include some magic, which is not as extravagant as other fantasy books. Magic comes from knowing the names of things. Kind of like in the Eragon books. However in Rothfuss’s style seems different in a sense that it is very uncommon and is learned at a school of magic, kind of like Harry Potter.

One other thing that I really loved about this book is that there is music described. I think it is extremely difficult to describe music because we want to just hear it. Kvothe is a very talented musician and Rothfuss describes it wonderfully.

Here is a quote of Kvothe talking to a girl he likes about which flower best describes her. He chose a flower that i think is made up, called a “Selas flower.”

“It is a deep red flower that grows on a strong wine. Its leaves are dark and delicate. They grow best in shadowy places, but the flower itself finds stray sunbeams to bloom in.” I looked at her. ” It suits you. There is much of you that is both shadow and light. It grows in deep forests, and is rare because only skilled fold can tend one without harming it. It has a wondrous smell and is much sought and seldom found.”

He describes other flowers before landing on this one, like daisies and roses but i just really liked the way he compared flowers features to human attributes.

So if you like Harry Potter or the Eragon books but want more of a mature approach this is defiantly a book you should get a hold of. I got mine at my local library but after reading it I want a copy of my own.


5 responses

  1. The first time I read this book it was also from the library. Before I’d even finished it, I’d ordered a copy for myself.

    For me, the Name of the Wind was very intimate, lots of private thoughts that you don’t expect in traditional “Hero fantasy”. Kvothe is sort of a heroic character, but he has some major weaknesses, which he isn’t too embarrassed by.

    I just love the Name of the Wind so much, I don’t even know what to say, except tell everyone you know to read it!!

    February 9, 2011 at 3:37 pm

  2. nice blog I enjoy the brief book reviews. Nice design

    February 13, 2011 at 8:35 pm

  3. D

    Thelu’s bloody bones, how I love the book. I just love how Pat made the world, how even his side characters are colorful, how everything is just amazing! The way Pat writes it, it makes me feel like I NEED to spend an hour with. The story is just wonderful!

    That being said, there are things that I would like to see, albeit it’s probably a bad idea. Like if Kvothe would settle for one of the other female characters instead of Denna. I mean come on! Felurian was is such a beautiful character in my mind and just to see her be left like that made me want to scream at Kvothe and “What in Black Day were you thinking?!”

    On a side note, a VERY important side note.
    Where’d you get the picture of Kvothe with the University in the background? Who’s the artist?

    March 10, 2011 at 7:49 am

    • Thanks for the comment. Pretty much all my pictures from here.

      Apprently that is the French book cover at least thats what the artist of that picture said here

      March 10, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    • I really Like Denna like I said in my Wise Mans Fear post she is a free spirit and very Intriguing I find it one of my favorite parts in the book. Felurian is a beautiful character but she would of never left Kvothe leave the Fae if he had not do not what he did (not trying to spoil anything).

      However I am really curious on Auri’s role in Kvothe’s story she is kind of an wildcard and might have something to do with how Kvothe will get expelled.

      April 17, 2011 at 4:49 am

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