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A Wise Mans Fear

Why do wise men fear the moonless night…..

The book of the year award goes to A Wise Mans Fear. This is the second book in the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. This book continues with day two of the simple innkeeper Kvothe’s very complex and exciting past.

The second day starts off very simply with the innkeeper Kote (Kvothe) getting up early in the day and starts his morning chores. He receives a shipment of apples and starts to make some pies; talks to his only employee Bast about the day and the towns people all before the Chronicler wakes up. Everyone in this town see’s Kvothe as the most simplistic innkeeper. They would never even suspect that their innkeeper is actually Kvothe the Arcane, Kvothe the Kingkiller or any of his many names. In fact at one point in the book when one of the young townsmen tells Kvothe that he might be joining the Kings army. At this point Kvothe comes out completely and tries an attempt to unveil himself as the famous Kvothe the Bloodless, but the young man looks at him and then ends up just laughing at him and calling him silly.

Once Chronicler was ready to start writing again Kvothe starts right where he left off with him attending the University. One class he is taking is with the Naming Professor Elodin. He is a bazaar character but he is probably the most powerful person so far, and a very important mentor for Kvothe. At school he works on his craft as an artificer, learns medicine, and becoming the top student and sympathy. On his free time playing music at the neighboring city while hoping for a patron that could help fund his schooling because he barely scraping up enough to pay his tuition. Kvothe also tries to spend as much time with the ever disappearing and mysterious Denna as he can.

That is one of the main three parts of this book. Kvothe decides he should take a term off and travels across the Four Corners to the county of Vintas.  There he lives with royalty, meets with Felurian and learns how to fight with the Adem.

Like many heroes’ journeys, Kvothe starts becoming the man and legend he will one day become. However I don’t know how Rothfuss plans on finishing this story in just one more book! Maybe he will just finish on how Kvothe got where he is now, but what about the future of Kvothe? That is what Bast; Kvothe’s apprentice is worried about. Bast wants the Chronicler to light a fire under Kvothe and get him out of hiding.

This book ends with so many things unanswered. For example, How does he get kicked out of the college and how get the title Kingkiller? Does what happens with his search for Chandrian, and the Amyr? I just cannot wait till the third book is released. . Will Kvothe finally leave the Inn, and will it be another trilogy or will it all end in the next book? I hope Rothfuss keeps writing with these characters after the next book.

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3 responses

  1. I LOVED this book to the point where I wanted to absorb it through my skin. now that I read that sentence, that sounds pretty gross, actually. But I did love it.

    So many unanswered questions in book 2, and some questions that are answered, just in a very subtle way.

    there are some huge and wonderful spoiler & prediction threads on TOR.

    April 12, 2011 at 2:00 pm

  2. When i read the part about Kvothe mom and lady Lackless I was totally amazed! I bet there are other small things that connect the first and second book together and give more clues to the third!

    I am really surprised on how many do not like Denna. I think she is an awesome, free spirited girl just trying to get by. Though I kind of enjoyed her more in The Name of The Wind more the A Mans Fear for some reason.

    April 16, 2011 at 4:57 am

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