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The Hunger Games

by ~Patsie DeviantArt

Tomorrow this movie comes out and everyone has been so hyped up about it I decided to read the book.

With much speculation my original thoughts were ok great another twilight book, which I enjoyed at the time but would not really want to read the same plot again with different circumstances.

However I very much liked the Hunger games. The thought of some chick going around shooting people always leads to good times.

Now this tale is about a dystopia future america where there are districts and a capital. After a war that went wrong all the districts must randomly send a boy and a girl child from the ages of 12-18 (isn’t being 18 make you an adult? ) to compete in an giant arena fight to the death, which is shown on every television set throughout the nation.

Anyway Katniss Everdeen is sent off to the capital along with a Bakers son to compete in the 74th annual Hunger Games! The first half is how the games are prepared and a strategy is created for Katniss and her district 12 fellow pledge.

Then the rest of the book is all about the games and the 24 competitors. Alliances are made and broken. Game-makers control the giant forest arena and mutant creatures are roaming the area as well.

This book is about survival, most of the districts are poor and really only live to survive; besides the capital.

One cool element about the book is that there are some cool futuristic ideas, like hover crafts, and awesome showers. One thing about the game that was neat was that when someone was killed after each night their face was shown in the sky for everyone to see.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Now there is some romance going on in the story, which is part of the strategy or is it?

One thing I did that was fun was not look at the trailer or watch the movie till after I read the book so I can put my own image on how the characters look like; it is very satisfying.

Finally I do not want to ruin anything about the ending but..there are 2 more books….

“Happy Hunger Games and may the odds always be in your favor”


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