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The Ghost King

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The Ghost King is the final book in R.A. Salvatore’s Transition Trilogy and this book lives up completely to the titled trilogy. This extraordinary epic fantasy shows a big change to the world of Drizzt Du’Urden as we have known for the past 20 years.

This story has a lot of pretext to it from other books by Salvatore. The weaving and intricacies that start off in The Ghost King can be someone confusing. two books provide most of that content and they are  The Crystal Shard and The Servant of the Shard. They are not necessary to read before starting this book, however it makes the book even more awesome if you know how Salvatore brings characters from other books into this one.

The way this book begins follows two story paths and united them. One has to do with a giant dragon that is being possessed by a few even more nasty entities creating a very dangerous Dracolich.  The other is of course Drizzt, however he a few things have changed in the grand scheme of things for the Forgotten Realms when the Spellplague hits Faerûn  causes problems for a some of our heroes.

Jarlaxle and his lackey Athrogate are on the run from the Dracolich and find that their only hope is in Cadderly,( who also has a series of books about his own adventures) a cleric that had previously helped him years ago. In order to get help from Cadderly they need the help of Drizzt. Jarlaxle convinces Drizzt to come with him to Cadderly’s because will be able to help him is his dire situation.

Cadderly agrees to help and shortly after his home starts to be assaulted by the Dracolich following Jarlaxle. The big theme in this story is the spellplague is ruining magic and things are not working as they are supposed to. Rifts in the realms are happening and Cadderly is one of the most powerful clerics tries to figure out what is happening with magic.



The assault on the Spirit Soaring(Cadderly’s place) is epic and so is the end of this book. Shadow Realms, Gods, and Drizzt are pushed to the extreme in the finally of the transition series, that concludes bitter sweet.

One other thing about this book that I enjoyed was that there are a few different perspectives. We find out what Jarlaxle and the Dracolich are each going through along with Drizzt.


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