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Scott Lynch Is the Man, Says Pat

ImageIT IS very convenient and also awesome that one of my favorite authors is complementing another favorite author of mine. Patrick Rothfuss, the Kingkillers Chronicles author, wrote a review on Goodreads on Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. This is so cool!

Here is a link to the Review that Patrick Rothfuss Wrote 

1. That these two are actually in the same article, topic, book talk, and I want reviews on Lynch’s second book Red Seas Read Skies too.

2. This is also very nice of Patrick to write a blog the day of Scott Lynch’s new book is released, Republic of Thieves, great publicity for him since it has been a few years after Read Seas Red Skies.

The parts about his  blog that I find admirable is how much he praises LoLL even though it “erked” him Pat at first. Yes that was true me and my friends kind of did compare the two books because they were so close to each other when they came out. I agree that the two are pretty different and amazing in there own ways.

As you realized that my blog is big on these two authors because they are two of my favorite authors and their books consume my life.

A few things that Patrick said he liked about Lies of Locke Lamora more than his own book The Name of The Wind.

Image“1. The beginning of his book is stronger than mine.

Seriously. 50 pages into my book, you’ll have reached the point where someone is starting to actually tell a story.

50 pages into Lies, you know the main character and are halfway into a fucking heist.

2. His title is better than mine.

Don’t get me wrong. The Name of the Wind is a good title, it’s the *right* title for my book. But “The Lies of Lock Lamora” that’s a faboo title right there.

And his series title is better than mine too. “Gentleman Bastard” beats “Kingkiller Chronicles” hands-down.

3. His cussing is better than mine.

Not in real life. In real life I cuss like a sailor. But the language in my books is pretty genteel and tame. “


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