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Gauntlegrym has been Found

Cover of "Gauntlgrym: Neverwinter, Book I...

Cover of Gauntlgrym: Neverwinter, Book I

It is finally here the legendary city that has been a sore in the most popular dark elf Drizzt’s oldest and elderly friend Bruenor for his entire life. Bruenor found his old city in Streams of Silver and now after the people closest to him have past Dwarf King Bruenor Battlehammer has to sneak off with Drizzt in one last search for the fabled city of Gauntlgrym.

The Dark Elf / Dwarf pair spend years looking for any sign of the buried ancestral home of Bruenor. However they are not the only Dwarf/ Dark Elf duo looking for ancient treasure. The infamous mercenary leader Jaraxle and his partner in crime Morningstar wielding Anthrogate get involved with some new and bad company.

One new character that will be a key player in the new Neverwinter Series is a Thayan champion, the black-widow elf Dahlia. She is a skilled fighter using a very unique three-quarter-staff that leads to some pretty neat fighting scenes. She manages to convince our two pairs of Dark Elf/Dwarf to help her stop a horrific explosion that could devastate the whole entire coastline.

Drizzt and company are being followed by a group or demon worshiping cultists that would need to see this explosion happen to help their own evil agenda.

Here is the moment of the book that could almost make you cry for Bruenor.

“Bruenor Battlehammer swallowed hard and glanced at the other dwarf.

“Aye, King Bruenor,” Athrogate said with a wide grin. “I was hoping this cavern survived the explosion, that ye might see the front gate.

“There’s yer Gauntlgrym.”

Drizzt is over 200 years old and is still a young compared to how old Dark Elves live. However the people that have surrounded him for all we’ve read are starting to leave us. It started with the Transitions trilogy and finishes with Gauntlegrym.

Unlike most of Salvatore’s books, which are action packed in a limited amount of days and weeks, Gauntlegrym is spaced out. Readers may need to watch out for the decade-long breaks between the intro and Book 1, and again between Books 1 and 2. If you don’t notice this you might not realize how cities have sprung up or how allegiances have changed.

Even though this book is taking part years from most of the books we have followed in the past years hints of the past reveal themselves throughout this book.  This is just the start of the Neverwinter series and I am excited to see what R.A. Salvatore has install for Drizzt.


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