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The Republic of Thieves: Read Along Part V

2890090Here It Is Plain And Simple The Last Part Of Our Read Along.

Great questions thanks to Allie, from Tethyanbooks.

Spoilers Lurk Below!

Thanks everyone this was a lot of fun and can’t wait for the next one.

1. The Republic of Thieves:  It’s the first and final performance!  What did you think of the play?  Were you entertained, or eager to get on with the rest of the story?  Also, how do you feel about how the play fits in the novel, in terms of the story and the characters who play the parts?

I enjoyed the play, I also liked how Lynch described it rather than write it out as an actual play, that would of been confusing for some and long. I was starting to get a little eager about the five year game plot at this point. I like how it fits in with the whole novel large scheme of things.  I am sure there are some subtle things that relate in the play that go with the theme of the story that I didn’t catch and will probably have to re-read, but I am fine with that. If the play played along with their current story that may of foreshadowed a magi killing Sabetha, which would of been horrible.

2. The Other Performance:  Of course, the GB and company had another important performance to get through—the one that ensures none of them end up hanged!  What was your favorite part of this scheme?  Do you agree with their plan for dealing with Moncraine’s treachery?

The plan for the company to get away with the murder was great! Everything had to go right if the whole team were to get away. They had to improvise here and there but it worked out. This is the first time that the GB have worked together is a large scheme with real importance. I hope that in the later books that we get to see some more young GB schemes that include Sabetha. I really enjoyed how Sabetha worked it at the bath house, she is great. As far as Moncraine, he gets whatever comes his way, bailed out on everyone for the second time for selfish needs. First getting himself thrown in prison and ruining the whole company and then ditching everyone with the money. It is a good thing the remaining company had the GB to save their asses. 

In Karthain…

Courtesy- akru

Courtesy- akru


3. The Election:  It seems Lovaris was indeed the final trick, and the election is over.  Are you satisfied with how things turned out? Do you wish that the election had focused more on the political problems of Karthain, or are you satisfied with the mudslinging and pranks that went on between Locke and Sabetha?

This was the part the whole book has been leading up to, Finding out the election results. I figured it had to do something with Lovaris and something not previously reviled. I like how it ended up being a tie. However the fact that it really had no further impact on the story was kind of a bummer. At least they didn’t leave almost dead or dying this time. As far as some of the pranks go it was…Satisfying, as far as political riggings and mudslinging in politics, which isn’t the most interesting subject I felt satisfied. I don’t think I could of thought of any better pranks. A lot of bribing seemed to be involved with this election, typical politicians! 

4. The War: Do you have any speculation on what specific issues might have escalated the two Bondsmagi factions rivalry into this kind of violence?  What do you think the surviving Bondsmagi will do next, with all their gathered money and knowledge?

After an seemingly anti-climatic election finale I was really wondering what would happen after! This was very surprising, a War that took only minutes. Those sly, sneaky bastards used the games as a distraction to set up the ultimate assassination of an entire faction of magi. I really wonder what they will do and what Patience was talking about. It has something to do with spirits of people and how Falconer was controlling animals. Hope we will learn more!

5. Patience: Given the final revelation that Patience does hate Locke for what he did to the Falconer, what do you make of her behavior towards Locke throughout the book?  Do you think her plan of vengeance is well suited to Locke?  What do you make of the Black Amaranth story now, as well as the prophecy she threw on top? 

She is a sneaky person too. All the Magi and very sly and she worked the GB to get what she wanted. She has brought some real messed up ideas into Locke’s head. He may not be physically hurt after the book but emotionally he has some very chilling thoughts going on about himself. I was right about Sabetha and the Magi’s dead wife, both have red hair. How creepy would that be to find out. Poor Sabetha, but why does she feel so compelled to Locke? I guess she did leave him. Think she gets pregnant, Patience said Crown, Key, Child.


6. The Epilogue: Speaking of vengeance, do you think the Falconer’s vengeance against his mother was merited or excessively cruel, given the circumstances?  On that note, how do you feel about the Falconer’s transformation and possible status as a continuing villain?

A Lot of Vengeance happening in this book. The bonds magi especially, they had some tension! As for how Falconer regained his power! That is scary for the other Magi and for the Gentleman Bastards! A good thing he has his eye on the other Bongsmagi first. He will be a huge villain and it has to do why patience and her faction wanted to keep quiet. He tapped into something forbidden and his mother was trying to prevent it. We could get a side storyline just on these guys, I don’t know how they will be linked with the GB after this book? 

7. Wrapping up:  Thus ends the third book in the Gentleman Bastard sequence.  How do you think it compares with the first two?  In the end, do you prefer the Espara storyline or the Karthain storyline, or did you like them both equally?

This book started very strong, but I felt it ended to quickly, a little anti-climatic. Not as big as the showdown in Camorr or the Pirate scenes in Tal Varrer. I loved the back story in the Espara storyline and before that. Interludes were great character building chapters. I am so glad we finally got to meet Sabetha just to have her leave us again. Her and Locke worked so well together in the Espara story and would like to see them work together in current storyline too, maybe the 5th book. What Happens NOW? The boys have free reign with some skeptical prophecies on their mind but other than that, the war, and Locke becomes the Thorn of some other city! 



8 responses

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  3. Sabetha pregnant…! I hadn’t thought of that, and of course it would fit perfectly with Patience’s prophecy. Damn it, why isn’t the fourth book out yet?!

    The novel does wrap up rather quickly, especially since the rest of the book had a more relaxed pace, with a lot of time spent on Locke and Sabetha’s relationship. I would have liked more focus on the election, and a stronger con with Boulidazi’s death in Espara. looking forward to seeing the Falconer again though.

    November 26, 2013 at 12:44 pm

  4. tethyanbooks

    ” If the play played along with their current story that may of foreshadowed a magi killing Sabetha, which would of been horrible.”

    Oh no, that just gave me a horrible thought. What if Patience actually killed Sabetha, and just pretended she left? That can’t possibly have happened, right? ;_;

    I was pretty disappointed that the election ended up being so irrelevant, too (except as a distraction, I guess).

    November 26, 2013 at 8:56 pm

  5. I can’t really believe that Sabetha would be pregnant, she’s too careful for that. Unless she actually wants his kid, of course, but she seems too confused for that at the moment. I just don’t see it…

    November 26, 2013 at 10:34 pm

  6. Great piece of artwork!

    Yeah, it would be great to get some flashbacks in future novels where Sabetha is involved in more of their youthful hijinks. I bet she got up to some crazy stuff in Camorr.

    and yup. Most if not all of the five year game was a distraction so the Bondsmagi could war with each other. I wonder if Locke realizes he was just an easy pawn in their distraction?

    Poor Sabetha indeed. Her and Locke have finally worked out all their crap, and now she’s like “you think i’m hot cuz I look like your dead wife? ewww”. I don’t know which is worse, being poisoned by poison, or being poisoned by Patience’s misinformation.

    November 27, 2013 at 1:07 am

  7. It seems the Magi were using the election as a smoke screen for this secret little dirty war between Magi factions. I kind of wished we had more insight into the factions (both Karthaini policitcs and Magi) so that the results held more impact for me as a reader. I was still amused by the Karthaini election, and blown away by the Magi faction war, but it would have been even more so had i understood the stakes.

    Wasn’t there a child in the picture Patience showed to Locke? Perhaps the child of the prophesy is the child in the pciture – the child of Lamor the Magi. If Locke really is Lamor reincarnated, Locke could be the same age as the son of Lamor…..Which could result in a really fucked up plotline in the future.

    November 27, 2013 at 4:02 am

    • I don’t remember seeing a child in the picture, but if there were I can see why Sabetha would freak out and leave even more. Ya there are going to be some crazy things happening in the future for sure.

      November 27, 2013 at 7:22 pm

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