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A Slow Regard of Silent Things for a Great Cause

French Cover

French Cover

I Have not read a book in a long time and I feel ashamed. I am not sure why I haven’t read or shared my reading, however I have pre-ordered Patrick Rothfuss’ new Novela “A Slow Regard of Silent Things” through a fundraiser Rothfuss put on with Worldbuilders. I will be getting a signed version and the proceeds go to a great cause.

If you aren’t sure what Worldbuilders is, it is a site founded in 2008 by  Patrick Rothfuss to raise money for his favorite charity, Heifer International. Now Heifer International does great work helping families rise out of Hunger and Poverty

I am a little late in sharing this quick fundraiser that was only for one week but follow the links and see how you can help.

Now that I got some feel good feelings on punching a new book I look forward to which he said it should hopefully be out in the fall.


This book will be in Rothfuss’ words

“It’s a short, sweet story about one of my favorite characters.

It’s a book about Auri”


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