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Republic of Thieves Read Along- Part I

republicofthieves-3WELCOME To PART ONE of The Republic of Thieves Read Along.  This book is the 3rd installment of Scott Lynch‘s Gentleman Bastard series. We left off with a huge cliff hanger in the 2nd book and have been waiting a long time to see what happens.
There might be some SPOILER ALERTS during this post after I finish the read along and the book i will post a none spoiler alert review.
Hope You Enjoy!
1) We get to reminisce with several old friends in this section – Carlo, Galdo, Chains. How did you like this? Bitter sweet or happy dance?
    I found this part to be a great plus to the book. I miss these guys and in Read Seas we really got to focus on mainly Locke and Jean and now Calo, Galdo, and Chains are back in the story. The more Gentleman Bastards the better.  Getting to learn how Chains treated the young bastards was quite interesting, all the tests and training. This part really just makes me want to re-read Lies of Locke Lamora.

2) Finally, the infamous Sabetha makes a physical appearance, albeit in Locke’s reminisces. What are your impressions? How do you think the romance, if there is to be one, will play out?

All the hype that has lead up to Sabetha really made this part great. We know next to nothing about her from that past books besides her and Locke has a romantic fall out. Finding out that she is a few years older than Locke and that he had the whole “Love at First Sight” moment when he was only six or seven years old really shows to the development between the two. Also the fact that she starts off being in charge of Locke really foreshadows some of the other things that might happen between the two. A rivalry of some sort.

Lastly for Locke to think she drowned only to find out that she lived a few years later at his age seems unimaginable. Then what Chains did next to Locke I would be mad as hell too.

3) After trying absolutely everything to save Locke, Jean still won’t give up. What did you think of that little pep talk he gave Locke concerning Patience‘s offer of healing?

Jean had some points there to be honest, Locke shut down again at the beginning of Red Seas and now again. He is one stubborn bastard. Jean really had to get to the root of Locke’s pride to convince him to take Patience’s offer. I hope this will change Locke’s attitude for the rest of the Series incase he gets knocked down again Jean won’t have to beg him to get back up.

4) Locke has a few caveats to working for the Bondsmage. Wise or just Locke grasping for some control over his life? What would you ask Patience?

I am glad Locke made some kind of terms with Patience, whats the worst she could do? Say No, might as well try to get some kind of deal. I really hope we get to learn a lot more about the Bondsmagi and their ways throughout this book. They are way to powerful. The questions Locke asked were pretty spot on! The big Why. Them being afraid of what happened to the Eldren is also really interesting. It keeps them in check, which is surprising because Locke is right these guys could rule the world.

Im not sure what I would ask.  What would you ask?

5) At the end of this section, we see that all is not as Patience laid it out. How much do you think Patience knows of the plot to off Locke and Jean? Do you see it interfering in the rigged election?

This is the part during intersect(I) I am assuming.

I think one of the guys in this conversation is Coldmarrow, the guy that helped heal Locke, the informer with Patience. The other person has so someone with the Falconers’ friends.

I don’t think Patience knows about this but when he says ” Besides, she didn’t choose Lamora just to boil your blood. There’s something about him you don’t understand yet.” is very intriguing.

There is going to more going on than just trying to rig an election here.

Final thoughts, the start to this book reminds me a lot of Lies… the fast start in the flash backs. I think within 20 pages there is already a heist or two happening. This sets a great pace for a very exciting book.


15 responses

  1. Yeah, I suppose now you put it like that it probably was a bit much for Locke to put up with – thinking Sabetha was dead, then she was alive then he had to fetch her poison!
    It’s lucky for Locke that Jean is such a persistent (gentleman) bastard isn’t it. It’d be a short story for us as well I suppose.
    There definitely feels like there’s rivalry between Locke and Sabetha but some of it feels a though it comes from Sabetha and the fact that she so badly wants to win! And then Locke seems to just bungle something together at the last minute and make it all look easy.
    Lynn 😀

    October 28, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    • Ya I very excited to see what happens next between Locke and Sabetha in the past how they come so close.

      October 29, 2013 at 12:14 am

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  3. Seeing Locke as a little kid again, and getting to hang out with Chains a little more made me want to reread Lies too! More chapters in this book seem to open by telling us what year it is, and now I am super curious to get the calendar all worked out. It seems to be a little like the Chinese zodiac calendar, but instead of year of an animal, it’s year of one of the gods.

    I also thought it was interesting that Sabetha is older than Locke, instead of Locke being older. they’re pretty close in age (what, maybe a year and a half apart?) but when you’re a kid, that much time is forever! she’s *so* much older than him. it’s cute.

    I am crazy curious to get more info about the connection between the Bondsmagi and the Eldren. This has major big world ramifications! And i have no idea what I’d ask either. maybe something about initiation, maybe something about the limits of their power.

    Here’s my link:

    October 28, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    • It is very cool how Locke has his crush and keeps it even though Chains tries to dissuade him after his little test. I am curious on how it becomes mutual and at what age. After seeing what a great love story Jean had with Ezri I can imagine Locke and Sabetha’s is going to be fascinating.

      October 29, 2013 at 12:42 am

  4. Ever since LoLL I have wanted to know more about the Eldren because I figure that’s where the Bondsmagi get their power. It also intrigues me because of its echoes of weird fiction.

    I don’t think the love Locke holds for Sabetha will be returned in this book. After Locke was ordained into the priesthood you could see Sabetha was seething that someone seemingly less capable than her beat her. She may have feelings for Locke but they won’t emerge in this book!

    October 29, 2013 at 8:03 am

    • Are we talking present day sabetha or past sabetha? We have quite a few more interludes and the jump up in age. I think we might see some mutual infatuation between the two. After the priest invite I think she may have been jealous at the time but realizes he is not the boy from the hill anymore.

      October 29, 2013 at 3:20 pm

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  6. suecccp

    1. I agree – I really enjoyed this chance to go back and revisit such fun characters and learn more about them.

    2. Before this I had thought that Locke had possibly the most tragic childhood ever – and then we find out that he thought that the love of his life had drowned . . . poor, poor Locke 😦

    3. I agree – I am not sure that I can cope with yet another massive period of sulking / mellowing from Locke, he needs to put on his big girl panties and just deal with life as it is!

    5. I never expect a simple plot from Mr Lynch, so I would be disappointed if there were not plots within mysteries within schemes! 😀

    October 31, 2013 at 9:27 pm

    • Ya, and the fact that its going to be Locke/Jean v Sabetha makes things awesome, add some Bondsmagi and we’re going to have some twists.

      November 3, 2013 at 1:53 am

  7. Locke had plenty of losses at the beginning of his story back in Book 1. But then to learn that he had this intense little boy crush on Sabetha and to believe she drowned must have been a key thing that shaped his character later. Add to that the scenario Chains set up for him, and little Locke needed therapy big time back then.

    I too felt this book was a bit more like Book 1 in pacing and the use of flashbacks. Not a bad thing, but I wasn’t expecting so many flashbacks as we moved a bit away from their use in Book 2.

    November 1, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    • Ya, The Flash backs in book 2 where all part of the main Heist which I liked. But this book so far seems really on the relationship between Locke and Sebetha and the flash backs are giving us so great information about her before we even meet her in present time.

      November 3, 2013 at 1:51 am

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